With the emergence of social media, building a media kit for your business is often overlooked. Media kits are typically used by larger corporations or non-profits to organize their media assets. Containing information about your brand, product or event, they are mainly used to help journalist write their story.

Building a Media Assets page on your website is the best way to organize all of your public relations information. This should include a list of past press releases, company’s mission statement, contact information, downloadable photos. Each time a new outlet contacts your business, this is the link you give them to learn about your business.

Setting Terms

At the top of your page, you should include a terms and conditions note. This let’s the reader know that the information provided is to only be used for news related stories, and nothing else. You should also link this statement with your website’s terms and conditions page.

By using this site, I agree to its Terms & Conditions. All content downloaded from the site (photography, audio and video, etc.) may be used for editorial purposes only. Any other use of site content including, without limitation personal or commercial use, is strictly prohibited. For additional media asset inquiries, refer to our contact page.

Company Info

Write a brief summary of your business including why your business is unique and what value you bring the community. You can also add your company’s mission statement, accomplishment/ awards, or a few of your frequently asked questions. Just be sure to keep it short and simple.

In the News

If your business has been in the news, be sure to list the links. One of the first questions reporters ask themselves is “Where or how else have they been in the news”. This will help them establish a framework on how to present your business in there article. Plus, this can also include notable social media mentions. Example, if were you featured on BuzzFeed’s Instagram, that’s worth adding to the list. (Just don’t go overboard adding social media posts to the list, too many can damage your reputation.)

Downloadable Media

One of the most important areas of your media kit is your downloadable media. This should be displayed as an image gallery. No more than 10 photos. Choose carefully, these images will be used publicly. Include images of your store or office, a few indoor and outdoor, fun photos of customers interacting with your business, and your company logo. Remember to update these images every year.

Past Press Releases

You never know when a reporter may want to feature your business. A press release from 6 months ago may now be relevant thanks to a new trend. Providing past news releases in one place is not only a good way to organize them, but also showcase history of community focused topics. Past press released should be displayed as PDF documents and organized by date.