Moonlight Massacre: Building the Haunt: For years Halloween enthusiast Branden Moyer has constructed a haunted house in his backyard, gathering thousands of visitors. With no more room to expand his home haunt, Moyer takes his hobby to a new level by building a massive 4,000 square foot haunted attraction in the middle of a busy shopping plaza.


I met Branden Moyer in October of 2017 while taking photos of his backyard haunted house for Reading Magazine. The next year in June, he approached me about his idea to expand his haunted house to a local shopping plaza. After learning his plans and how large the project would be, I agreed to film the process. At the time, I figured I would turn the footage into a small weekly video series on YouTube.

Over the months the project quickly became more and more complex, hiring staff, actors, and adding vendors. It wasn’t until late September that I realized how much footage I already had, and that I needed to film a whole lot more to tell the whole story.

Once the haunted house closed for the season I began the editing process and interviewed actors/staff about the experience. You may be surprised to learn the entire documentary was filmed using a Canon 80D DSLR, 10-22mm lens, and Rode VideoMic.

In 2019, I invited all of the actors, staff and community to the big screen premiere at the GoggleWorks theater in downtown Reading, PA. Later that year the film was screened at several film festivals. Most recently, the film was approved to be included on Amazon Prime.

Reading Film Festival 2019