Crash Course in Content Marketing

Today I’m at Alvernia University to speak with an advertising class about the power of content marketing. Here’s a quick recap of the presentation:

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

Where’s the internet going next? What first started out as a land grab to acquire top level domains quickly turned into a sea of uncharted websites. Next, search engines ranks those sites to provide users answers to questions. Then, social media provided a place where people could live. What’s next? Relevancy, engagement, and meaningful content. 

Create a content strategy. Good marketing doesn’t get in the way, it provides value by educating, entertaining, and telling a story. Before you write your first blog or film a video, think of your long term goals.

Story line. The type of content you should create directly relates to your target audience. Who are they, what do they do, and how do they use the internet? Use evergreen and trending content to capture peoples attention. In short, evergreen is content that is always relevant, today or a year from now. Example: An article on 5 ways learn to ride a bike. Trending content features the 24hr news cycle.

Framework. As the backbone of your publishing operation, setting up a proper framework will allow you to create, host, and distribute your content properly. Website, email, social media, paid ads.

Types of Content. As a content producer, your primary goal should be the accessibility of your voice. That access comes from the type of content you produce. Video, photo, audio.

Building content. Start a weekly web series based on your business or industry. Highlight your best customers. Partner with like minded businesses. Feature community events.

Layers. Each piece of content should incorporate value to the end user first, value to the community second, and your sales pitch third. In the same sense, your content should also educate, entertain, and have a main them.

Final thoughts. Initially, your goal is to grab peoples attention. Next, provide them value by offering informational content to solve there problem. If you are successful, you will gain there trust and build a following. Once you have a following, your sales pitch will become much easier because you have your customers trust and support.