How to Get Consistent News Coverage of your Business

At the Berks County Community Foundation today for a group chat about public relations. Hosted by Communications Director Jason Brudereck, the group workshop covered the importance of public relations and how to prepare and submit a press release. As this is something I am well familiar with, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few tips.

Help fill the pages. Publications need content to survive. Best way to help with this is to reach out and offer to either write an article (trade or boutique magazine) or offer to use your industry and business as an article idea. If you can pitch a good story, they will likely use it.

Submit a detailed press release. Press release’s aren’t a sales pitch, they tell a story. To tell a good story, you need to focus on the people first, community second, and your business third. Provide a few quotes and stats to give your story more weight. In addition, always submit a photo NOT your logo. If used, it will represent your business and help tell the story.

Be top of mind. Reach out to the publications. Ask what they are looking for and if your business fits into any gaps they might have. Even if they don’t choose to write and article now, they will at least know who you are and might need you for the future. At the minimum, check up with them every 4-6 months.

Trending Topics. Is there something in the national news cycle that relates to your business? Use the opportunity to provide a local perspective to a national issue. Just be sure to act quick as this trending topics change very quickly. This can also work if your business is tied to a holidays or season.