Meeting with DJ H Vidal + Voice-over Tips

I’ve been working for a little bit on build a workshops series based on the elements publishing. The goal is to provide everyone a behind the scenes look at video, photo, podcasting, web publishing.

So, one day scrolling Facebook I noticed a small Facebook post by Hamilton Newton (DJ H Vidal). He’s a man with many titles, radio personality, DJ, voice-over artist, to name a few. Anyway, his post asking for feedback on hosting a voice-over webinar. Immediate connecting the dots I messaged him to see if we would collaborate.

Meeting a the DoubleTree in Reading, we talk about a possible partnership of hosting a dual podcast/ voice-over workshop. Great news, he loves the idea and we’re working on the details.

Before he left, Hamilton was gracious enough to give us some tips becoming a better voice-over artist:

Warm up those chops in the morning.Say your A’s, E’s, I’s, O’s, U’s and warm up those lips”.

Watch TV for the commercials. “A lot of people watch TV for the shows, I’m the opposite. I don’t watch the movies, I actually watch the commercials and I listen.” Listen to the inflections and how certain things are said.