Planning for the New Penn Street Market Season

It might only be March, but that means it’s time to start planning those summer events. More specially, the Penn Street Market in Downtown Reading, Pennsylvania. Last year we sponsored the market with Reading Magazine. However, this year we have been asked to take more of an active role producing content for the market.

To get started I met with Aaron Gantz, Executive Director of Downtown Revitalization for the GRCA to talk about how we can build content for the market’s 2019 season.

Held every Thursday, June through September, the Penn Street Market does a great job of providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and lunch options for both residents and employees of downtown offices. Unfortunately, I can’t go into details about how the market with change this year, but I can say it will be the best year yet.

With the market hosting up to 30 vendors on its busiest days, building a solid content strategy is key to long term growth throughout the 3 month season. The plan so far is to integrate videos highlight market programs, vendors spotlights, and recipes. All exciting things, can’t wait for opening day!