The job of a human resources director may not seem exciting to most people. What’s the first thing you think of? Sitting at an office, filing out paper work, calculating pay role? That may be the job, but that’s not Alneasa Jordan’s job. Working at the DoubleTree by Hilton Reading gives her an opportunity to transform her role in human resources to something more unique.

Working in the hospitality, and human resources industry for 10 years, Jordan has found herself to be the go to person at the DoubleTree. Where Jordan differs from others in her field is her compassion for her co-workers. “It’s about enriching the lives of our employees, if they need help finding an apartment or food, I help where they need me the most” says Jordan.

Jordan says her job is more than a title, her goal is to rebuilding the community, one person at a time. “Even when someone doesn’t workout here, I’ll help them find work somewhere else, it’s just who I am.”

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